Saturday, April 5, 2014

What I know now~No Mammograms~!~

                                                       Do you have implants? 
                                      Have you been sent for a mammogram? 
         I was sent for a baseline mammograms(mammos) after my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001. I can remember when I had worked as a scrub tech for a plastic surgeon in the 90's the surgeon I worked for went to a conference and said there was a discussion on should women with implants have mammos? My co-worker and I waited for the answer, but even he could not give a definitive YES or NO.  As I was sent for my first mammo, I thought back to that conversation and I asked the tech, "Since I have implants should I be getting a mammo?  She assured me they do mammos on implant patients all the time and it is fine. She even joked with me and said, I haven't ruptured one yet. So, I giggled and trusted what she told me, after all this is her job and she is a licensed mammo tech.  I  also thought to myself, the radiologist certainly would not want to rupture an implant. So, I consented
                       I wish I would have known then, what I know now~!~
      My surgeon, Dr. Susan Kolb in Atlanta, GA is an expert in implant sickness and reconstructing the breast after implants.  SHE WAS SICK FROM BREAST IMPLANTS TOO~!~ Which is what helped to become an expert in Biotoxin illness, Silicone Dysfunction Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and more. She found the answers as to why this happens to women with implants. There is way too much info to put here so I will add some sites to the comment section.
        Dr. Kolb and approximately 30 other Plastic Surgeons that I can reference all agree that women with implants should not get a mammogram. Instead they should have an ultrasound of their breast  and if something looks suspicious then a MRI.. NOT a mammogram. There are probably hundreds of more doctors who agree with this statement, but my implant support group and I have researched the ones who ex-plant the implants including the capsule along with scar tissue to help start the process of recovering. These doctors also agree these very implants are causing all the illnesses that women with implants suffer from. (symptoms we women and doctors do not piece together until it is too late, that topic is next :see next blog, coming soon).
       Just getting the implants out is not all that is involved. The longer the implants are in the more damage they cause. Since mine had mold in them and one ruptured inside of me, my whole body has mold and parasite causing all kinds of damage and guess what ? They are so small you can not see them until there are way toooooooo many. Here is why I hold the radiology team and the facility where I had my mammos done for so long responsible for not telling me what they saw.

 that cloudy swirl.....mold organisms swimming  Do you think the Radiologist and the facility I went to all these years should be accountable for not disclosing?          PLEASE Share my blog and comment~
 cloudy film of mold spores I wonder how many millions it takes to show up on film?The dots are the ones settling on the implant and you can see the weakened silicone shell breaking down

I was never shown my mammograms after all the years I was sent for them. I had to wait on a written report with only words. ALL of the mammo reports say NORMAL. Had I seen these pictures, I would have searched for answers.   Below is the implants after they came out of me. The right implant  shows a bronze colored fluid(yes the stains of the mold that leaked into my body) the left one on mammo did not have enough mold to see on film, but look at it. Brown, black and white molds. yuck~


    Fungal growth inside saline filled implants
    Microbial growth inside saline filled breast implants

  2. I was shocked and dismayed to read your article. I was a mammo tech for many years and never saw an image like yours. We were very careful to limit compression on the views with the implant. On the implant displacement views we compressed the breast but the implant should be completely displaced and not visible in the image.
    To advocate no mammograms for implant patients is not the answer. MRI is very expensive and ultrasound does not show up small spots.Many insurance plans will not cover the expense of MRI. Education is the answer, I believe, for both the tech and the Radiologists reading the images. This is an important issue that needs to be addressed by the American college of Radiology and Mammography.
    Personally, I would investigate litigation in your case. In my opinion, you did not get quality care. I know litigation will not cure your illnesses and pain but it might help pay the bills to clean out the mold.
    I have long thought that Implants should cease to exist for breasts. A mammogram cannot visualize the entire breast with an implant and a tiny spot could be missed. This is just my personal opinion.
    God bless you and heal you and give you peace.

    1. Hi, Jeremiah2911~
      One of my favorite Bible verses~
      Thank you for writing to me~
      The recommendation for no mammos if a woman has implants is from the Plastic Surgeons. Some have advocated for their entire time in practice and more and more are in agreement. Then there are the ones who say there is no such thing as mold in implants; which I just proved that to be wrong~ I am in total agreement with you, that the American College of Radiology and Mammography should have more education on this matter. If you have any contacts that I may send info too I would be most appreciative. I have tried writing many groups but it would seem; I need to know someone on the inside to be heard.
      Even the insurance companies need to be educated more on the Ex-plant of implants, the ultrasound, MRI and mammos. I was told most insurance companies will not pay for the ex-plant procedure at all....but BCBS of FL did pay for mine since it was life saving. That is my whole point to getting this blog going, I want the public to know what I did not know even after being in the plastics field. In addition to making sure every woman gets to see and view her mammos and ask questions.
      So, please share my story and if you have any contacts in the Radiology, plastic surgery, and/or media please let me know~!~
      Many Blessings~ Anne

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