Sunday, April 6, 2014

I was told "implants last forever in 1998, but they need to be changed every 8-12 yrs~

                   Implants are not a 1 time surgery or financial investment
    If you have implants now, did your surgeon tell you they need to be exchanged for new ones every 8-12 years? I used to be a plastic surgeon surgical tech in the 1990's and I never knew this information.  We believed implants were forever. Apparently that has changed but not all surgeons explain this to their patients. And since the media rarely covers this topic, we the general public do not know this. This is why I am trying to create a buzz so the media will pick up the story and make it a headliner and not a small story and let it fade away.

                                                             Do the math...
Age 25 spend $3500-4000 for implants and surgery
Age 35 same a little less since exchanging $3000-3500
Age 45 cost of implants goes up and scar tissue makes it harder, $3800-4500 
Age 55 $4000-4500
Age 65 $4500-4700 or you have them removed and need a lift too additional $1500-2000
 That's 5-7  breast surgeries in your lifetime & approx $20,000-$30,000                           
   Dr. Susan Kolb and her partner Dr. Gordon of Plastikos in Atl, GA explain this to their patients and you sign a form that you are aware of this. Dr. Melmed in Dallas, TX was just featured on a Christian talk show  with a patient who is ill with similar issues as me. I was happy that I have found so many written articles on this subject, but again it is not put in the news. Please post and share this info.
 Dr Kolb on Saline Implants
Dr Kolb on Silicone Implants    Dr. Melmed on Christian Talk Show~


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  2. Thanks for sharing this, as my wife is going to get implant soon with Dr Martin Huang, so i shared this post to her.