Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wow~5 months post ex-plant and my blood still shows...

       I know I am still sharing everything that I have been through, but I want to share what my blood shows off of 1 drop this weekend. I went to one of our local health food stores in Niceville, FL, The Staff of Life. They were able to go over the findings on a screen attached to their microscope and show me what my blood looks like. I knew I had swelled back up after losing weight, so I was concerned that something was wrong again. Sure enough, I saw candidiasis, inflammation, some dead red blood cells, a lot of white blood cells eating up the yucky stuff, low iron, low B12, some damaged cells, I saw a lot of healthy red blood cells too, my protein is not digesting properly and oh yay, PARASITES....that was not fun to see. I wish I would have known more about this 1 drop of blood showing all of this about 3 years ago before having unnecessary procedures and surgeries. Well, heck I wish the radiologist would have told me what they had seen all these years on my mammograms, that would have saved me a ton~!~

So, now I am doing another detox but this time I have to stop feeding the PARASITES their favorite foods; sugar of any form, even fruit is off limits, no wheat/breads, no dairy, no peanuts and no mushrooms. So, meat, potatoes and rice, but have to limit potatoes and rice. I can eat dark green veggies too.

What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger ~!~

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  1. Dr, Kolb had my blood drawn for Mycoplasma Pneumonia AKA "walking pneumonia"; it came back positive and I still have parasites and mold; so she started me on another 30 day round of anitibiotics and antifungual medication in addition to a lot more detox supplements.