Monday, April 14, 2014

Short Recap~ I was told my mammos were normal, what do you think?

 Please share my blog~Plastic Surgeons, Radiologist and Mammo Techs need to know that Implants patients should NOT get mammos and if the implant looks strange it is their Obligation to tell the patient~!~ The whole blog explains more in detail and more pictures, but some just want the overview and how I almost died when the rt implant ruptured inside me~

top left picture; appears to be a normal left implant. Middle and lower left pictures; different years as growth of something inside rt implant. lower rt picture: moldy left implant after ex-plant, the right ruptured and all the mold went inside of me and nearly killed me.         ~I survived~
The left implant has mold and we do not see it on the films; imagine how much was in the right implant to catch it growing all these years~ YIKES~ I believe god has a bigger plan for my life
The left implant still has approximately 80% percent of the saline fluid plus mold and staph and the right implant is completely ruptured with only a brown discoloring of moldy particles left.
Women with saline implants also get silicone illness because ALL implants outer shell are made of silicone. In my blog I list more info along with all my symptoms and diagnosis; this is why I want to help other women make informed decisions; I am not against implants as long as the surgeon admits the downfalls to them and the replacement is needed ever 10 yrs.  I tried to make each section short.
Start at the very bottom to see the 1st blog and scroll up~

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