Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wow~5 months post ex-plant and my blood still shows...

       I know I am still sharing everything that I have been through, but I want to share what my blood shows off of 1 drop this weekend. I went to one of our local health food stores in Niceville, FL, The Staff of Life. They were able to go over the findings on a screen attached to their microscope and show me what my blood looks like. I knew I had swelled back up after losing weight, so I was concerned that something was wrong again. Sure enough, I saw candidiasis, inflammation, some dead red blood cells, a lot of white blood cells eating up the yucky stuff, low iron, low B12, some damaged cells, I saw a lot of healthy red blood cells too, my protein is not digesting properly and oh yay, PARASITES....that was not fun to see. I wish I would have known more about this 1 drop of blood showing all of this about 3 years ago before having unnecessary procedures and surgeries. Well, heck I wish the radiologist would have told me what they had seen all these years on my mammograms, that would have saved me a ton~!~

So, now I am doing another detox but this time I have to stop feeding the PARASITES their favorite foods; sugar of any form, even fruit is off limits, no wheat/breads, no dairy, no peanuts and no mushrooms. So, meat, potatoes and rice, but have to limit potatoes and rice. I can eat dark green veggies too.

What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger ~!~

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

1st generation in my family for these illnesses~

Sept 27, 2013 into Oct 2-3, I get worse and worse & aalllllllll the crazy symptoms come back with a vengeance, lethargic, strangulation feeling x's 10, can't speak and when I tried it is a super strange froggy toad sound with lots of pain, the thought of speak puts me in excruciating pain, the strain my body feels makes a permanent crease in the brow furrow, tremors, body aches and pains like the flu, fingers/toes split open and bleed, the sore on my foot comes back and breaks open, I bruise easily, I look swollen with lesions on my face, I am so depressed at how I look and feel, I swell up, yet because I am a positive outgoing person I put on my make up and pretend I am happy. but I feel like dying.....I feel like a freak, I feel ugly,  I documented my low body temp even though I was sweating as if I had a fever. I took pictures and videos of me taking my temps, the red face, neck, and lesions, No doctor has been able to regulate me since, even with the proper meds. 

April 2011 Eye doctor tells me the blurry vision is from Grave's Disease-1st I have ever been told this. 10-15lb weight gain(I thought I was hyper not hypo, so why the weight gain)?
May 2011 I am told I need my gallbladder removed but 1st they have to ablade(kill) my thryroid. I kindly decline and tell the doctor she is wrong, at which points she states she wants me to see a therapist.
Then I am referred to an Endocrinologist who tells me "you take pill to kill thyroid then you take thyroid medicine rest of your life, we do this over 50 yrs now". UUUHHHHH NOOOOO!
June 2011 I get a new GP doc and he explains the situation to me better, and he is going off the diagnosis from what my last doctor said and my blood test results which include elevated cholesterol, liver enzymes, hyper thyroid and poor hormone function.
Aug. 2011 I give in and even though I still believe this is wrong, I give in because most people think I am the one who is wrong.
Nov 2011 Thyroid is not dead but in normal state so GB is removed
Dec 2011 thyroid dies while on vacation.
Jan 2012 I start hypo medication
Feb 2012 still feel ill, run down and now vocal issue start to manifest, blurred vision worsens, weight gain continues.
March 2012 no relief and feeling much worse, the thyroid med is not helping at all.
April 2011-June 2012 I am getting sicker and my weight continues to go up, my voice is hurting to try to speak, my voals sound awful, I am getting depressed, my body hurts all over, I am so tired of not sleeping.
June 2012 Hashitoxcosis/hashimotos thyroiditis diagnosed/ turns into Hashimotos Thyroiditis once the thyroid died.
Sept 2012 New endocrinologist tells me I am very sick and suspects i will be in a coma fighting for my life in approx 2 weeks.
Feb2013-March 2013 Mayo Clinic,they think he thyroid is fine,  they can not explain my blood test being abnormal on several things, so they send me to Liver transplant, at first the liver team is telling my mother in love and me why I need a transplant. I am shocked and tell them no this is not right; after a lot of testing the Liver team agrees that I do not need a transplant. But they can not explain why I am so sick. 
April-Sept 2013 more doctors, more testing, no vocals, just been hiding from the world from the lesions on my face, the weight gain, my inability to think straight, muscle cramps, tremors, insomnia and so much more.


Sept 30, 2013 FWBMC Mammo tech, " yes, it ruptured, but we saw a leak 2 yrs ago". WHAT??? This is the 1st I am told of any issue with my implants; I go look at 2011 written report; it has NORMAL written on the paper. 

Does these look NORMAL?
 The left implant for the most part is what an intact implant looks like. The right implant clearly has something wrong.
Oct 2013  During Dr. Kolbs exam and my surgery so adds Fibromyalgia, Mastodyna, Silicone Immune Dysfunction,  

after surgery, (I tend to smile when a camera is around) Chronic Staph and mold infection, Fibrocystic tissue illness to my list of issues.  

Nov. 2013 ER visit due to infection staying in my body and
swelling then I am sent to the infectious disease doctor to start IV antibiotics with a PICC line in since the oral meds are not clearing up my this time I was diagnosed with Raynards Syndrome. 

March 19, 2014 I have just been confirmed to have Rhuematoid Arthritis. 1st generation in my family for all of these.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Do these look Normal to you??

                              What makes my story so different from most of the others? 
 Mine was caught on mammogram films for years and I was never told. In fact my written reports from my local medical facility all say NORMAL~ SO, my other doctors never looked at my breast as being the problem, even though I complained of breast pain consistently and one breast enlarging and going back to normal on and off over several years.  
                                              ~Fast forward to 2013~
Fri, Sept 27, 2013~ "OHHHH NOOOOO, I think I sprung a leak"!

I arrived to my mammo appt Mon Sept 30, 2013 and there are 2 techs in the room.  I told them the possibility of a leak but it is hard to tell because I had gained 60lbs which has given me more breast tissue. One tech stayed behind the computer and the other tech did my mammo. She took the rt breast 1st and stated "yep you have a leak, but we saw that 2 yrs ago". WHAT?? This was the first time I had heard of any issue with my breast implants in the 9-10 yrs of mammograms at this facility. On Oct. 2, 2013 I went and ask for all my films so I could view, since I had never seen my own films before. Here are a few views. I now have my mammograms from 2005-present and an MRI 2011 of my liver/gallbladder that happen to show approx 25 views of the breast prior to the removal of my gallbladder after they abladed my thyroid.

Left Breast implant appears normal in all the mammos. I do not see dots inside the implants as you will see on the right implant.

Can you see the dots forming inside the implant?

this one is pretty obvious~

Left implant appears normal on all views, a little saline fluid has leaked over time.

Getting to know me~

  March 23, 2014 
I am a wife and mother of 2 awesome kids. I used to be an assistant for a plastic surgeon, a model, a volleyball coach, an anesthetician and permanent makeup artist, a Registered Dental Hygienist, and I had even taught radiology to dental assistant students. Yes, I know I like a lot of different things, but that is who I am, I love to help people feel beautiful~ I was a slender person my entire life except during pregnancy.  I am smart, funny, and full of life, I always had to be doing something. I love being outdoors; riding bikes, going to the beach, I smiled all the time, I was sexy, heck I was one of the original  Hooter’s Girls in Destin, my husband loved that I was frisky all the time, even after 18 years of marriage; but the past 2.5yrs I am wishing to get all that back. 
modeling age 25-39

my husband and I 2009 as a few pounds crept on me.

me and my silly kiddos 2008

I refuse to be a victim, because I am a survivor!

March, 23, 2014

        I wish to help others by sharing my story. I searched and searched for answers as to what was making me so ill. All of this took place in a 2.5 yr period. I baffled 16-18 different doctors including a major national known Clinic. Some doctors looked at my lab work and just starting treating me instead of going deeper and looking at me the person as a whole. I fought them and even stated they were wrong, but I was considered a bit mental, so I fired one doctor after another. Later I figured out they only had a piece of the puzzle. BUT, my  local medical center and their radiologist actually had the answer the whole time!  They failed to tell me and my referring doctors what was seen on my films by putting NORMAL on my written reports. 

      A friend in the local media gave me advice. She said, make a buzz about it, let it be known through blogs, social media and videos on You Tube. See if it can become the story the nation wants to hear. Another friend of mine, Alison, gets a huge thanks and shout out. She is helping me learn how to blog. Another suggestion is to sit outside the hospital doors and warn others with just signs and photos of my mammograms year by year. 
       I want to help save women from going through what I did~!~
In all of this, 
I refuse to be a victim, because I am a survivor!