Sunday, March 23, 2014

I refuse to be a victim, because I am a survivor!

March, 23, 2014

        I wish to help others by sharing my story. I searched and searched for answers as to what was making me so ill. All of this took place in a 2.5 yr period. I baffled 16-18 different doctors including a major national known Clinic. Some doctors looked at my lab work and just starting treating me instead of going deeper and looking at me the person as a whole. I fought them and even stated they were wrong, but I was considered a bit mental, so I fired one doctor after another. Later I figured out they only had a piece of the puzzle. BUT, my  local medical center and their radiologist actually had the answer the whole time!  They failed to tell me and my referring doctors what was seen on my films by putting NORMAL on my written reports. 

      A friend in the local media gave me advice. She said, make a buzz about it, let it be known through blogs, social media and videos on You Tube. See if it can become the story the nation wants to hear. Another friend of mine, Alison, gets a huge thanks and shout out. She is helping me learn how to blog. Another suggestion is to sit outside the hospital doors and warn others with just signs and photos of my mammograms year by year. 
       I want to help save women from going through what I did~!~
In all of this, 
I refuse to be a victim, because I am a survivor! 


  1. Have you considered a Central Metabolic Control Syetem therapist? It looks to me as if you might have central hypothermia which is compromising your immune system. AND as you may have other complications, it may not be as simple as that. Have a look at the work of Steve Richfield

    There may be a lot you can do to fix this.
    Best wishes

    Janey Hood

  2. Hi Janey~
    I will look into all of this. I am now ex planted 4.5 months post op. and I just went to a local Nutrition Store and had 1 drop of blood anaylized. It amazes me how 1 drop of blood can tell us what is going on inside quicker and in front of my own eyes. Where as I had 18 vials of blood taken 3 weeks ago and given very vague view of my system. I saw with my own eyes, I have inflammation, low iron and B12, a lot of white blood cells working hard to clean my blood, candidiasis, and we saw parasites. I just started the candidiasis cleanse to rid what feeds it and parasites.
    I was logging into to continue my story when I noticed you posted. I appreciate you chiming in and giving me some help. I am actively seeking all answers.
    Would you please share your story with us?

  3. This looks great! Congrats are sharing your story!!

  4. Thanks, Alison. I would have not known what to do without your help. Please let me know if you need more info for a story in Sassy Moms in the City~ I can give you other implant survivors email and Dr. Kolbs email. DR. Melmed in TX will probably talk to u also.. I think you also mentioned posting peoples books on hre?

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